About the Minerva Project

What’s with the name Minerva?

Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. Wikipedia and Greek God and Goddesses also list Minerva has being the patron of arts, trade, medicine, poetry, handicrafts and strategy.

Minerva was in charge of so many things that she was the “goddess of a thousand works”. This seems like an appropriate goddess for the Internet of Things!

Minerva is usually depicted with a shield and spear, but the spear is often noted to not be in a position to attack, but rather defending, or offering sympathy to those defeated.

Minerva is the Roman name for the goddess Athena, but some reading suggests that they have slightly different personalities. Besides, Project Athena is a well known MIT desktop project which spawned many things still in use today (Kerberos being one of them).

Project History

The project went online in mid-October 2017.

Project Sponsor and Financial goals

The project is initially a proof of concept for a number of IETF specifications. The results will be an open source reference implementation which can be used by any number of entities (both for-profit and non-profit) to create secure and easily managed devices.

Sandelman Software Works has some very specific ideas of how to apply this technology to real world situations, and it will become the core of a number of products. This web site is not about those products, but about the technology infrastructure to support them.


Please visit the github pages at: https://github.com/ANIMAgus-minerva/ to contribute.

There is a mailing list, please see community.