Highway MASA Online uses

Two instances of the Minerva Highway MASA have been set up. In keeping with the slightly Harry Potter naming theme the two instances are named “Wheezes” (after Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes), and “Honeydukes” (after Honeydukes.

The shops do not sell real products. Rather they simply provide the core of the product that we care about: the IDevID certificate and the private key. Of course, a real system wouldn’t make the private key available like this, but this is a way to experiment.

The products are named for incrementing EUI48 addresses. 00d0e5 belongs to a failed dotcom mcr used to work for.

A cronjob runs every two hours to make sure that there are at least five unsold items in the store, and to move sold items aside.

Visit either:

  • https://honeydukes.sandelman.ca/
  • https://wheezes.sandelman.ca/

and pick one of the zip files to download. Instead you’ll find the key pair which can be used with your BRSKI client (you can simulate one with reach).

You will eventually need the masa_secp384r1.crt file in order to verify the voucher that is received.

cd reach
wget https://honeydukes.sandelman.ca/product_00-D0-E5-02-00-0A.zip
unzip product_00-D0-E5-02-00-0A.zip
mv 00-D0-E5-02-00-0A/device.crt db/cert/00-D0-E5-02-00-0A_prime256v1.crt
mv 00-D0-E5-02-00-0A/key.pem db/private/00-D0-E5-02-00-0A_prime256v1.key
rake reach:send_voucher_request IDEVID=00-D0-E5-02-00-0A JRC=https://fountain-test.sandelman.ca/

This will contact the JRC at the indicated address. The Fountain JRC will see the request, extract the MASA URL from the IDevID, and may say something like:

Contacting server at: https://masa.honeydukes.sandelman.ca/.well-known/est/requestvoucher

On the pledge, I see:

obiwan-[projects/pandora/reach](2.4.1) mcr 10277 %rake reach:send_voucher_request IDEVID=00-D0-E5-02-00-0A JRC=https://fountain-test.sandelman.ca/
rake aborted!
Chariwt::Voucher::RequestFailedValidation: Chariwt::Voucher::RequestFailedValidation

The returned voucher is saved to tmp:

ls tmp
voucher_00-D0-E5-02-00-0A.pkcs  vr_00-D0-E5-02-00-0A.pkcs

The script bin/pkcs2json can be used to decode the result to JSON:

bin/pkcs2json tmp/voucher_00-D0-E5-02-00-0A.pkcs tmp/out1.txt
Verification successful
cat tmp/out1.txt

At this point the Fountain JRC implementation does not do auditlog examination, and the next step (enrollment) is not implemented yet either.