Some additional BRSKI terminology

The terms raku and bisque were proposed in 2018 as adjectives for the two kinds of voucher-request. The terms have not taken off. They remain here as reference.


Raku is a kind of pottery where the clay is made in a fire pit. Raku is often still porous and not water tight.

A raku voucher request is one which is signed by the pledge only.


A bisque firing in pottery is done at a high temperatire and seals the clay, making it water-tight and ready to accept colour.

A bique voucher request is one which is signed by the JRC, and contains a prior-signed-voucher-request that contains a raku voucher request.


A parboiled potato is one which has been cooked partly before being to cooked in another fashion. A parboiled voucher-request is one which has been processed by the JRC and then sent on to the MASA. This term has replaced “bisque” in a number of documents, including the appendix of RFC8995.