Testing with containers

Minerva Highway MASA and Fountain JRC in LXD containers: v2

ANIMA in a virtual box

This is an update to Minerva in LXD form.

The new images are at:

wget https://minerva.sandelman.ca/qcow/7df6fccf01a3d357911238ab421a2db80ca9839de4e43ac145a15e4683a8cf13.tar.gz
lxc image import 7df6fccf01a3d357911238ab421a2db80ca9839de4e43ac145a15e4683a8cf13.tar.gz
    --alias fountain

wget https://minerva.sandelman.ca/qcow/cacf07b8d06bcae406c3d802710b41c5849de7c032790516c511576cde9d9799.tar.gz
lxc image import cacf07b8d06bcae406c3d802710b41c5849de7c032790516c511576cde9d9799.tar.gz\
    --alias highway

For details on configuring the MASA, see Highway Configuration

For details on configuring the JRC, see Fountain Configuration