Testing with containers

Minerva Highway MASA and Fountain JRC in LXD containers: v2

ANIMA in a virtual box

This is another update to Minerva in LXD form.

The 3rd highway image is at:

wget https://minerva.sandelman.ca/qcow/0e745ddb6a22fa7e9a783215a8d9dcb81386972a6e7e54ee97b721cda79b070b.tar.gz
lxc image import \
0e745ddb6a22fa7e9a783215a8d9dcb81386972a6e7e54ee97b721cda79b070b.tar.gz \
    --alias highway

This version adds a “rake highway:signcsr CSR=file.csr CERT=output.pem”, which will process a Certificate Signing Request, and produce an IDevID based upon the provided public key, and the requested serialNumber.

A pre-existing instance of highway can be upgraded by running:

lxc highway -- su - highway
highway@highway0:~$ curl https://minerva.sandelman.ca/qcow/highway-20181115025559.tgz | tar -C / --unlink -x -z -v -f -

Verify that the current link was updated:

highway@highway0:~$ ls -l current
lrwxrwxrwx 1 highway highway 37 Nov 14 21:33 current -> /home/highway/releases/20181115025559

Then run any migrations that there might be:

highway@highway0:~$ cd current
highway@highway0:~/current$ rake db:migrate
== 20181113230344 AddCertificateToDevice: migrating ===========================
-- add_column(:devices, :idevid_cert, :text)
-> 0.0050s
== 20181113230344 AddCertificateToDevice: migrated (0.0060s) ==================

For details on configuring the MASA, see Highway Configuration

For details on configuring the JRC, see Fountain Configuration