Fountain Join Registrar/Coordinator

The Fountain JRC is a ruby-on-rails web application.

It provides a domain owner with an end-point to which pledges apply for access. It receives the (raku) voucher request, stores and extracts the MASA URL.

Fountain then reaches out to the indicated MASA, and submits a (bisque) voucher request to get an actual voucher.

The voucher is relayed to the pledge.

The release 0.50 of the Fountain JRC does not yet support the actual enrollment process. That’s simply an matter of not yet implemented.

Unsigned voucher requests and offline renewals are also not yet supported.

There are few negative (challenge, or attack) test cases.

As part of the Minerva project two public JRCs have been set up.

Fountain is on github

For details on configuring the JRC, see Fountain Configuration