ANIMAgus can turn into animals

Why is this project called Minerva?

Prof. Mcgonagall can turn into a cat!

The IETF ANIMA working group is named as:

"Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach"

ANIMA has a goal:

Autonomic networking refers to the self-managing characteristics
(configuration, protection, healing, and optimization) of distributed
network elements, adapting to unpredictable changes while hiding
intrinsic complexity from operators and users.
[see the Charter](

Meanwhile, an Animagus is:

An Animagus (pl. Animagi) is a witch or wizard who can morph him or
herself into an animal at will.     [wiki entry](

While looking for a name that was related to “ANIMA”, the word “Animagus” came up. It was thought, maybe one could call the project after some famour Animagus! Maybe “Sirius Black” or “padfoot” (his name as a dog) would be a good name. But, the most well known Animagus is Professor Minerva Mcgonagall.

The name Minerva looked interested, and upon investigation, the name seemed associated with a lot of actual IoT-like things. See the info entry for more links.